DNS Lookup for hermes.dra.hmg.gb

Searching for hermes.dra.hmg.gb at i.root-servers.net: Got referral to ns0.ja.net [took 152 ms]
Searching for hermes.dra.hmg.gb at ns0.ja.net: Got referral to relay.mod.uk [took 157 ms]
Searching for hermes.dra.hmg.gb at relay.mod.uk: [took 169 ms]
Name Type Class TTL Answer
hermes.dra.hmg.gb MX IN 360000 relay.dstl.gov.uk (priority 10)
hermes.dra.hmg.gb A IN 360000
dra.hmg.gb NS IN 360000 ns1.cs.ucl.ac.uk
dra.hmg.gb NS IN 360000 relay.mod.uk
dra.hmg.gb NS IN 360000 sun.mhs-relay.ac.uk
relay.dstl.gov.uk A IN 360000
ns1.cs.ucl.ac.uk A IN 360000
relay.mod.uk A IN 10800
relay.mod.uk A IN 7200

These results are returned in real-time, and are not cached. This means that these results are what DNS servers all over the world are seeing at the moment.
See a DNS traversal.